His grin faded when it wasn’t returned by the stranger, and he sighed, crossing her arms and straightening up in an attempt to look mature. “Suzuki. Sorry for the scare, I’m not really good with introductions.” A few leaves showered down from the branch he’d jumped down from, and he cursed loudly, swatting at his hair to get them out.

The young man only stared, a blank expression going the other’s way with no feeling whatsoever. It was starting to pour a bit, bits of raindrops here and there in a soft breeze of rain. “Hm.” he didn’t give any kind of reaction to whatever it was he was seeing. He didn’t care anyway “What you saw. Forget it.”


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The older one was walking quickly, the city park was always an open place for targets but it was also dangerous, it made him a target in return, and a dangerous one. In fact it also meant that he had a bullseye on his head too.

Soon enough he noticed a…

He nearly leapt back once the stranger had emerged from the trees to fall right in front of him. He let out a tiny noise of annoyance but nothing else, he just groaned a little.

Staring at the strange boy he could tell he had no excuse for having been following him all the way into the dark areas of the forest. “Who are you.” he asked, his tone hostile but low and deep.




Suzuki stretched as he gripped the branch he was sitting on tightly with both hands, gazing at the landscape beneath him. Another day had gone by without finding his assigned child, and he was ready to give up. But he’d found tons of things to like about earth, so maybe…

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The older one was walking quickly, the city park was always an open place for targets but it was also dangerous, it made him a target in return, and a dangerous one. In fact it also meant that he had a bullseye on his head too.

Soon enough he noticed a follower, shit, had he been too obvious? This was no time to play around, his hit could afford the food of a month and it wasn’t something to just run away from because someone was tracking his talons.

Fast enough he found the target, he pulled out the specially silenced gun and walked besides the man that was sitting on a bench talking over the phone. A quick swish noise and it was done, the man just dropped, it had been a silent and sneaky one, but it would be worth it once he’d been paid. Noe he just had to get rid of that follower…

He slowed down and turned around once he was in a more forested area of the park. Dangerous eyes looking around to spot the one following his tracks.

  • "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! You don't want to get even more hurt, do you?"
  • "Tell me where it hurts."
  • "Whoa, that's purple... It looks like your shoulder is dislocated."
  • "Oh my god. Are you okay?"
  • "You're bleeding... You're bleeding bad..."
  • "This is gonna hurt..."
  • "Holy crap! I may not know much about human anatomy, but legs don't bend that way!"
  • "It's all swollen up..."
  • "You have a black eye. Where you fighting with someone?"
  • "Okay... Okay, hospital. Hospital, now."
  • "I think you have a concussion."
  • "Calm down! Calm down! Your ankle is sprained, okay?"
  • "Here, lean on me."
  • "I'm gonna need more bandaids..."
  • "What the hell happened to you!?"
  • "Here, I need to clean you up. This might sting a bit..."
  • "We need to get the bullet out..."
  • "Oh my god, you've been shot!"
  • "Did... did you get beat up!?"
  • "Just hold on. You're gonna be fine..."
  • "Look out for that car!"
  • "Wake up! Oh god, please wake up!"
  • "You're alive! Oh, thank god!"
  • "I'm no doctor, but you should have that looked at. It's bleeding a lot..."
  • "What is that? Are there bandages under your shirt?"
  • "Why is your arm wrapped up like that? And are those blood stains!?"
  • "You must have hit the back of your head really hard."
  • "Look at me. Just look at me and stay awake. Can you do that?"


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  • "No one loves you."
  • "You're going to die with no one to love you and no on to cry."
  • "You can't do this on your own."
  • "I can't do this anymore. Goodbye."
  • "Why would I ever care about you?"
  • "You went dark on me!"
  • "If only there was someone who loved you."
  • "You're a bitch!"
  • "I only stuck around to get what I wanted."
  • "Do you really think I cared?"
  • "You're a fool."
  • "Don't believe everything you hear, darling."
  • "I got what I wanted. I don't need you anymore."
  • "You're pathetic."
  • "I hope you die alone."


"Of course I can." The man monotonously answered. "I’m his handler." As he said that, Blakes body burst into white flames that, despite being literal fire, wasn’t even hot to the touch. Despite his body being melted apart, like fire normally does, Blake actually healed his wounds, rather rapidly. A bit of blood gushed from his mouth, and he started to breathe.

Then he shot up very fast, and delivered a punch to the dark skinned man. “The fuck are you doing here!” He practically shouted, to which he got a frown.

"Not this… I just revived you."

The wolf flinched a little but didn’t let go, the flames weren’t hurting him, as expected from a fire dancer, but it was a first time seeing that, or well, third but officially a first. He noticed the blood and understood it meant the man would be fine as soon as he was fixed back to health.

He quickly moved away, the punch thrown wasn’t for him but he didn’t want to get caught. “He brought you back…” he simply said, looking at him a little irritated. He didn’t know their relationship or what this was all about but at least Blake was alive, and he didn’t have anymore blood on his hands.


"Of course he’s still there. He’s just out of it." The man said, kneeling down to Blakes level, and placing a thumb and index finger on his head. "But, he kind of deserved this, for being careless. I mean twentieth century human weaponry? No magic application? This should be cake."

He flinched when he felt the other close but he didn’t seem to pose a threat so he let the other be, still the sigh that escaped his lips was low and tired, “No one deserves to be hurt this way… No way… Can you help him?”

gcdess said:

"I mean, it's obvious. You're better off without me-"

"And what makes you think that?" he asked, a sort of cold tone coming from his voice "To be honest I think the only reason I’m not high is you, so shut up about that." he growled. He was too tired to listen to this. He loved her, was the message not coming through?